CEO's Message

In today’s dynamic construction market, the key to sustainable success is the ability to remain flexible & adapt; And for more than 5 + years, BOBSCO HOLDING CO has been doing just that.

We have been trusted to deliver pioneering construction projects that directly impact the nation of Saudi Arabia and the lives of its people. We have consistently delivered on our promise of exceptional quality, and our extensive track record is testament to this achievement. However, the key to our success has always been our guiding values of integrity, transparency and quality. Our new brand reflects our evolution as a leading constructions solutions provider; Building on our rich four-decade heritage, whilst signaling the beginning of an even brighter future. Today, the construction industry is a dynamic and fast paced environment and BOBSCO HOLDING CO is well positioned to thrive. We have built a world class management team to lead our strong workforce of well qualified and professional employees. We have enhanced our business infrastructure to a level that is comparative to global leaders, and leverage cutting edge construction technologies that facilitate the strategic project planning, management and implementation of landmark projects that transform ambitious visions into reality.

At BOBSCO HOLDING CO we believe in creative collaboration. Our strong network of strategic partners and sister companies continue to strengthen our value proposition, and elevate our organizational capabilities exponentially so that we can confidently take on complex, large scale projects. Over the last 5+ years BOBSCO has successfully adapted and grown. Today we are exploring bright new horizons in construction, and we look forward to navigating this new chapter together

At BOBSCO HOLDING CO WLL, we build for tomorrow.

Boban Thomas